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General FAQ:

1. We are finalizing our new dates which should be announced in the next few weeks.

2. New dates will begin in the summer and will run thru November.

3. Tickets will be available shortly after new dates are announced.

4. Events will be held in Ash Fork, Arizona. We as a group are based out of Phoenix, and our property is in Ash Fork.

5. Tickets are typically $25 per person.  We are anticipating some broader events this year, in which case the price point will be higher; exact cost to be determined.

6. We run about 4 rounds per events, 8 people per round, and each round is anticipated to last between 30-45 minutes. We ARE looking to vary between day and nighttime events. Day events will offer more rounds.

7. This is at present NOT an overnight experience, although we are looking at that for future events. Should that be offered, it would consist of tents you would bring. Again, that is a future plan.

8. We are offering the game, plus campfire food (hot dogs and smores). We want to offer bigger options down the road, including overnight at some point.

9. The event runs like an escape room:. Players must solve one of three potential puzzles while avoiding being killed by our slasher, and then make it successfully to the escape point.  

10. Yes there will be options to defend yourself: foam weapons we provide.  Absolutely nothing else is permitted in any shape or form..

11. NO. You will not actually die. This isn’t Hostel.

12. This is for 18+ ONLY.


14. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ARE PERMITTED. If you are under the influence, you will be evicted.

15. We have very strict rules of contact: our slashers are not permitted to grab, strike hard, or physically harm you. This goes both ways:. You cannot grab, strike hard, or physically harm our crew.

16. We are updating our website with the newest information. We have been working very hard to get new scenarios, team, and location, and will begin when we are confident the event will be a good quality experience.

17. We are working on how best to book large groups and/or private events. This will be added to the website and Facebook page as more information is available.

18. Tickets will be available thru our website. (Www.onpinsandneedlesllc.com)

19. If you would like to be added to our email updates, please email onpinsandneedles1979@gmail.com.

20. Thank you for your excitement, enthusiasm, and patience

Rules and Gameplay:


Goal:  Enter the arena.  Escape the slasher to survive or die trying.

Time limit: 25 minutes with possible overtime.

Players: 8 per round

Options: Pair up or try solo.  Search the given area for weapons to defend yourself, and solve one of the puzzles to escape.  Be warned:  Our Killers have access to the same weapons.  Find them first to optimize your chances.

Winning:  You must survive the time limit, or successfully escape.

If you survive, you will receive a prize.

Code of Conduct

  • This is a game for adults 18 and over.  Children are not permitted to attend in any capacity.
  • We love our 4 legged friends, but since we’re out in the wild, please leave your pets at home
  • No harassment of other players or the crew will be tolerated.
  • All venue rules are to be adhered to at all times; anyone in violation will be asked to leave immediately
  • No drinking before or during the game.  If you are intoxicated (alcohol or any other means) you will be evicted from gameplay
  • No physical contact except with approved safety weapons.
  • Absolutely no actual violence will be condoned (No punching, kicking, stabbing), barring human clumsiness.
  • You may only use the foam weapons we provide for game play. You are not permitted to use puzzle pieces, set equipment, phones, sticks, etc.
  • If you are killed, accept your fate and leave peacefully.
  • No sexual misconduct.  DO NOT TRY TO RIP SOMEONE’S CLOTHES OFF OR GRAB ANYONE INAPPROPRIATELY.  You will be evicted without a refund.
  • Team ups are permitted to teams of 2.  If your partner dies, find another person to team up with or go at it solo.
  • You will get dirty.  You will get bloody. Wear clothing you are willing to let die.  Wear closed toed shoes and full length pants.
  • IN THE EVENT YOU CANNOT CONTINUE: if you do not want to or cannot continue, snap your glow stick and that immediately discontinues your play.  One of our team will help escort you back to home base and you can take time to relax, head out, whatever you like. ALL PLAYERS MUST RESPECT ANY PLAYER WHO TAPS OUT.  There will be NO Shaming.
  • No player killing.  No alliance with the Killer, no taking out the other players on your own, no hiding out.  You will be evicted from the game
  • This is a game for fun.  Come to play. No shaming, no splaining, no intolerance will be permitted.  Play nice or don’t play at all.

If any rules are broken, you will be evicted from play!


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Upcoming Dates




Want to join our crew?


Slasher Camp is proud to announce that we will be holding actor auditions for our upcoming 2020 events. Click here to fill out our application and we’ll get back to you!


Auditions will be held at Kiwanis Park, 6111 S All American Way in Tempe on Sunday, March 8th and Sunday, March 22nd.


We are casting for male and female actors to portray the following:

  • New and original Slasher Camp Killers
  • Victims (speaking roll)
  • Paranormal Investigators (speaking roll)


Halloween Attraction experience preferred, but not required


Actors will be paid $40.00 for each event. Keep in mind we are located in Ash Fork, AZ so reliable transportation is a must.